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Household Checklist for June

Household Checklist for June

The month of June can be a busy time of year.  We’re here to help with our printable Household Checklist for June.  We’ve also included checklists, printables and detailed information for the projects you need to tackle this month.  So let’s get started.

Household Items to Handle in June


  • Finish Spring cleaning (first day of summer: 6/21)
  • Prepare for summer storms; update emergency supplies


Maintain vegetable and flower garden / weeding

Backwash pool filter

Power wash siding on house

Clean out gutters

Apply Step 2 Fertilizer for lawn

Apply Grub Preventer to lawn

Things to do

Locate and attend local farmer’s market

Go strawberry picking

Schedule swimming lessons and camps for children


  • Balance checkbook
  • Budget
  • Finalize vacation plans

Meal Planning

  • Host or attend Father’s Day celebration
  • Plan July 4th cookout
  • Plan birthday parties in July

Details on June Projects

Here are some specific details on our June projects.  Just click on the link below to read more.

How to drain water from a pool cover

Tips on How to Drain Water from a Pool Cover

Helicopters from Silver Maple

Silver Maple Trees: It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

House Sitters Checklist

House Sitter’s Checklist


How to host a simple cookout


Are you ready to go strawberry picking?

It’s Time to Organize and Plan Your Summer Calendar

Yellow and orange tulips

Spring Cleaning Checklists

Summer Storm Approaching

Summer Storms – Checklist

Pool Cleaning Checklist - Running a Household

Pool Cleaning Checklist

Scotts Step 2

It’s Time to Put Down Your Step 2 Fertilizer

Garden Shopping Checklist: Track your seed and plant purchasesSeattle Market

Summer Meal Ideas

Grilling Tools in Kitchen Drawer

Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Printable Household Checklist for June

Just click on the link below for a printable copy of our Household Checklist for June:

Household Checklist for June Household Checklist for June

By scheduling time to handle these items in June, you’ll be sure to keep everything running smoothly in your household.