Christmas Articles

Here are some links to our most popular articles about planning, decorating, and organizing for Christmas:

Planning for Christmas

Christmas in July: Tips on Getting a Head Start

Enjoy the holiday season: October Checklist

Preparing for the holidays – November Checklist

Preparing for the Holidays – December Checklist

Planning Christmas Dinner

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Entrance Way

Simple Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Staying Organized for Christmas

Christmas Shopping Lists

Organize Your Gift Cards

Simple ways to organize gift wrap paper and bows

Tips for Shopping and Tracking Your Holiday Purchases

Toolbox: Printable Address List Tracker

Wrapping Up After Christmas

Cleaning up after Christmas

Christmas Assessment

How to remove tree sap from your hands


Printable Christmas Worksheets

Below you will find several printable worksheets and helpful articles to keep your Christmas plans organized and on-track:

Address Tracker

Christmas Checklists – October

Christmas Checklists – November

Christmas Checklists – December

After Christmas Checklist for December

Christmas Checklists – January

Christmas Shopping List – 4 people

Christmas Shopping List – 14 people

Party and Event Assessment Chart


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