Organize Your Gift Cards

Do you have a lot of unused gift cards?  How about gift certificates to restaurants?  Here’s a way to organize your gift cards so you can find them easily.

Step 1:  Sort your cards into two piles: Stores and Restaurants.

Step 2:  Put each pile into alphabetical order.

Step 3: Write down the name of each card and the value on the following charts:

Gift Card Chart – Stores

Gift Card Chart – Restaurants

Step 4: Decorate a pocket folder using scrapbook supplies. (Optional)

Tools Used

  • Fiskars Personal Trimmer
  • Fiskars Tape Runner
  • Scrapbooking paper by Reflections
  • Orange pocket folder from Staples

April 2013 025


Step 5: Place gift cards in envelopes, and file with charts in a pocket folder like the one below.

April 2013 027


April 2013 030

Now all of your gift cards and gift certificates are organized and easy to locate.  This just makes me want to look in my folder, and see where I can go shopping now. 🙂