Simple Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Christmas cards can start to arrive anytime after Thanksgiving.  You’ll want to have a system in place so that you can easily display your cards.   Check out these ideas.

Christmas Card Holder

One of the easiest ways to display your Christmas cards is in a Christmas card holder.  This one is in the shape of a Christmas tree.  The cards slide into various metal holders, and can be adjusted and turned easily.

Christmas Cards - Tree to Display

This one even has a basket at the bottom to hold all of the extra cards and envelopes.

Christmas Cards - Basket

Twine and Clothes Pins

Another simple way to hang your Christmas cards is with twine and clothes pins.  This has a more rustic feeling, but is very easy to set up:

  • Simply hang two hooks.  Be sure to measure so that they are straight.  For this project we used the Command brand hooks so that they could be removed easily.
  • Cut the twine and tie a loose knot at each end.  Attach the twine to each hook, and you’re finished.

Hook for Christmas cards

  • Hang horizontal cards over the twine.  Use a clothes pin to attach the vertical cards.  We went for a natural look, but you can certainly decorate your clothes pins for a more festive look.

Hanging Christmas Cards

Scotch Tape

One of the most common ways to hang Christmas cards is with Scotch tape.  Simply attach Scotch tape to each card and hang on a door or wall.

If you’re concerned about taking the finish off of your doors or walls, consider using removable scotch tape.

Scotch tape - removable

This is a great product for hanging items temporarily.  Just be sure to use a piece in each corner of the card, so that it sticks to your wall or door.

Happy decorating!

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