Do you know how to clean your tv or computer screen

How to Clean Your Tv and Computer Screen

Are there fingerprints on your tv?  How about smudges or dust on your computer screen?  Do you know how to clean your tv and computer screen?  We are here to help with some tips.

Do you know how to clean your tv or computer screen

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How to Clean Your Tv and Computer Screen

Recently, I came across a package of Pledge Multi Surface Wipes by SC Johnson.

According to the manufacturer, they are for “Use on wood, granite, stainless steel and electronics without the fear of damage. Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Wipes also remove dust and up to 90% of allergens in dust.”

Honestly, I was in a hurry one day.  I needed to clean the window in my living room, so I grabbed a package of the Multi-Surface wipes.  They did such a terrific job on my windows.  I took a closer look at the package only to find that I could use them on my electronics. 

First, I cleaned my laptop screen.  It looked amazing.  I moved on to my television screen, which I’ve been afraid to clean.  It did a fantastic job.  Last, I cleaned my son’s Ipad.  The wipes were so easy to use, and left all of the screens clean and streak-free.  Best of all, they came in a resealable package. 

The manufacturer does recommend cleaning your electronics as directed by the electronics manufacturer.  In addition, the instructions say to unplug electrical appliances before cleaning.

This product is also safe to use on laminate, glass, marble, plastic, porcelain and stainless steel.  Although the fine print states that they are not for use on unsealed wood, marble or granite.  As always, be sure to read the instructions yourself to determine if they are appropriate for you to use.  Check them out on-line:

Pledge Multi Surface Wipes

Note: Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner is also available in an aerosol can.  When using on electronic products, the manufacturer recommends spraying the product directly onto a cloth, then dusting as usual.

What a great find!  Happy cleaning! 🙂

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