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Household Checklist for September

Household Checklist for September

Summer is almost over, and there’s plenty to do during the month of September. We’re here to help with our printable Household Checklist for September and detailed information for the projects you need to tackle this month. So let’s get started.

Things to Do in September


• Start Fall Cleaning Indoors
• Plan ahead for fall leaves (mulchers, leaf bags, vacuums etc.)
• Set up back to school desk supplies / work station for children


  • Reseed lawn, if needed (or hire someone)
  • Maintain vegetable and flower garden / harvest and weed
  • Trim final bushes and shrubs
  • Schedule Pool Closing (or do it yourself)
  • Plant Fall bulbs and perennials
  • Go apple picking
  • Clean out shed
  • Clean out garage


• Finish school shopping (clothes, outfit for picture day and supplies)
• Balance checkbook
• Budget

Meal Planning

• Plan birthdays, Columbus Day Weekend, Halloween and events for October
• Buy Halloween costumes; plan candy and snacks

Details on September Projects

Here are some specific details on our September projects.  Just click on the link below to read more.

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Printable Household Checklist for September

Just click on the link below for a printable copy of our Household Checklist for September:

Household Checklist for September

Household Checklist for September

By scheduling time to handle these items in September, you’ll be sure to keep everything running smoothly in your household.

Next steps:

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