How to Organize the Shoes in Your Entryway

Are your shoes out of control?  Here are a few ways to organize the shoes in your entryway and keep them under control.

Identify the problem:

  • Do you have too many shoes?
  • Do you have a central place to keep shoes?
  • Does your family have trouble putting away their shoes?

Solution: Closetmaid 15-Cube Stackable Organizer

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I love this product.  In fact, it’s this is the third one I’ve purchased.  It’s very easy to assemble, and fits nicely in a closet or an entrance way.  You can even stack them together.

Assembly is easy.  You’ll just need a screwdriver and a hammer.  I put this one together in less than 15 minutes.

The photo below shows the first step of how I put the outside walls together with screws.  Just be sure that the unfinished trim is all facing the same direction.

Shoes 1

Next, hammer in the nails to attach the back piece.  I opted not to do this on a prior one, and now wish I did.  It just keeps the shoes from coming out the back.

Shoes 2

For the final step, put the interior cubes together by fitting the pieces together.  Then insert the cubes into the box. Shoes 3

The Finished Product

The finished product is well worth it.  Our shoes fit nicely.  We have one in our entrance way for our everyday shoes.

Organize Shoes in Entrance Area

There are two more storage units in the entrance way closet.  Our original one is white, and is below the new beige one.

You can click here to read more details and see the color choices:

ClosetMaid Stackable 15-Cube Organizer

Organize the Shoes in Your Entryway

Our closet is small and narrow, but very tall.  We opted to stack two units together, to fit 30 cubes in our closet.

Organize the Shoes in Your Entryway

It was important to me to have a place for all of our shoes in our entrance way.  I really don’t like shoes in the house.  If you don’t agree yet, just think of all of the places shoes travel in one day:  men’s bathroom; school playground, grocery store, parking lots, and the mall.  You get the idea.

So I found a location right near our entrance way.  Everyone can take off their shoes before going into the house.  The shoes are off the floor, and in many cases out of sight in the closet.

Here in New England, we have shoes for every season.  I store the off-season shoes in cardboard boxes, and keep them up on the top shelf.  Nothing fancy or expensive, as you can see below:

Organize off-season shoes

They are labeled, and are easy to find.  I’ll be pulling out our flips flops later today.

Last tip: By the door, we keep a small plastic tray like this one:

Boot Tray

It’s a great area to let our wet shoes dry on those rainy days.

Happy organizing! 🙂