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When Should You Plant Grass Seed?

How did your lawn hold up this year?  It was a brutal summer in the Northeast, with weeks of heat, followed by plenty of rain.   This weather takes a toll on our lawns, and if you didn’t water during the heat wave, your grass might be brown in spots.

When to plant grass seed

Late August to early September is a great time to plant grass seed in the northeast, and in zone 5 in particular.  When applying grass seed, be sure use a fertilizer like this one, designed for new lawns: Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food – Starter Food for New Grass Plus Weed Preventer

You’ll also want to schedule this project when you know you’ll have time to water the seed.  Once the seed is down, it’s important to keep it watered.  You may find yourself watering it in the morning and in the afternoon, just to make sure it sprouts.

Before you know it, you’ll have beautiful new grass.  Happy planting! 🙂