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It’s Time to Put Down Step 4 Fertilizer

If you handle the lawn maintenance for your home, check out these details about applying Step 4 fertilizer.

Benefits of Step 4 Fertilizer

Step 4 offers fertilizer for your grass.  It thickens the grass, and will make your lawn greener in the Spring.  In addition, it will strengthen the grass roots before winter.

When to Apply Step 4 Fertilizer

In New England, we typically apply Step 4 around Labor Day.  According to the manufacturer, you can apply Step 4 in the Fall, August through November.  Be sure to wait 4-6 weeks since you applied your Step 3 fertilizer.

How to Apply Step 4 Fertilizer

You can apply Step 4 fertilizer to dry grass, or grass that is wet.

While it is not necessary to water in Step 4, we prefer to water it in.  It makes the grass greener just a little bit faster.

Be sure to apply when the temperature is below 85 degrees, otherwise the fertilizer may burn your grass.  The manufacturer indicates that if the temperature will be above 85 degrees, you can apply it to dry grass and water it in.

Planning to reseed your lawn?  No problem.  Step 4 does not contain any weed preventative.  So according to the manufacturer, you can seed your lawn before or after applying this product.


For more details from the manufacturer, see:  Scotts Website – Step 4

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