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Three Lawn Care Tips to Follow

Is your grass growing?  You fertilized, watered, and watched it grow when the sun came out.  Now it’s time to mow.  Here are a few lawn care tips you’ll want to follow:

Change up the direction

If you mowed your grass straight across last week, change it up by mowing at a diagonal next time.  By changing your pattern, you’ll ensure that your grass grows straight.  This method is even thought to reduce the number of broadleaf weeds in your lawn.

Keep an Eye on the Height

For the summer, I prefer to keep my grass higher.  It keeps the soil moist longer.  In return, the grass will not burn out in the hot sun.  There are 5 height settings on my mower.  I opt to cut at setting 4.  That way, if my grass is extra high, I can always raise the mower one level.

In the fall, I start to lower to level.  By the time I’m ready for my final cut, I’m at level 2.  By keeping the grass shorter for the winter, it won’t get damaged by the snow.

Watch Out for Dried Out Spots

Dry spots can mean your lawn has grubs.  They will destroy your lawn.  You can use a chemical product like Grub-Ex or Bayer.  There’s also Milky Spore, a natural bacteria which kills grubs.  It’s a little expensive, but once it’s applied, the bacteria will continue to spread, so that it works for years to come.  According to the manufacturer, Milky Spore is not harmful to humans, pets or the environment.

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Happy mowing! 🙂