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Christmas Checklist December

Preparing for the Holidays – December Checklist

The holiday season is here, and there’s plenty left to do.  Check out our Christmas Checklist for December.   You can use this as a final list to wrap up all of your holiday tasks.  A printable version of our Christmas Checklist for December is at the end of this article.

Things to Do in December

  • Continue weekly cleaning schedule
  • Decorate tree
  • Mail holiday cards
  • Set up final indoor decorations (mantel, ceramic tree, villages, nutcrackers)
  • Hang outdoor wreaths on windows
  • Track orders placed on-line
  • Wrap gifts
  • Confirm holiday outfits for family members

Things to Buy

  • Complete Christmas shopping (make separate list)
  • Groceries for holiday meals

Holiday Calendar

  • Bake cupcakes, pies, cookies and goodies
  • Prepare for holiday party
  • Prepare for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Printable Christmas Checklist for December

Here is the printable version of our Christmas Checklist for December.  Just click on the link below to print.

Christmas Checklist December

Christmas Checklists – December

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