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Spring Cleaning Checklists: Room by Room

It’s time to start your Spring Cleaning.  We’ve put together some ideas and tips for tackling this job.  To help you track your progress, you’ll find various large print Spring Cleaning Checklists below:

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Bedroom

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Dining Room

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Family Room

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Outdoors

Select Your Style of Spring Cleaning

  1. The lists are arranged room by room.  So, you can take two hours and clean the bedroom.
  2. Task by task: You make want to handle a task all in one day.  For example, instead of vacuuming and shampooing the rugs in each room on separate days, you may want to vacuum and shampoo the rugs all on one day.

Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Be sure to schedule time to handle spring cleaning.  Maybe you can set aside two hours every day at the same time.  For example: 10-12 every morning.  Or, maybe you prefer every Saturday morning, from 9-12.  Whatever you decide, you’ll find that it will get done if you put it on the schedule.
  2. If you’re planning to power-wash the house, do this before your clean your windows.
  3. Listen to music while you work.  It helps keep you motivated and moving faster.
  4. Open the windows while you clean.  Bringing in fresh air makes the room feel fresh and clean.

Additional Ideas for Spring Cleaning

Could you use a few more ideas on spring cleaning?  Be sure to check out these tips:

Is your house a mess? Not sure where to start?

Easy Way to Clean Plastic Patio Furniture

Tips for Cleaning your Refrigerator

Household Chores – Weekly Checklist

Happy Spring Cleaning!  🙂

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