The Power of a New Rug

Sometimes that’s all it takes is a new area rug to make a room feel fresh and new.  Check out how this area rug motivated us to get our fall cleaning started.

In Love

As soon as I saw this area rug in the L.L. Bean catalog, I loved it.  The colors were perfect.  Our couch is a bright navy, and our accent colors were sea green and muted blues.  Although the rug was advertised as a bed room rug, we opted to place it in our living room.  Not only are the colors perfect, but it’s nice and soft on our feet.

Motivation to Clean

As with any new items, you’ll want to clean before bringing in the item.  This is true for new furniture and rugs.  What a great way to jump-start your seasonal cleaning.  Before bringing in the new rug, I made sure to clean the floors, and vacuum the couch.  Later it was on to window cleaning, and before I knew it, the fall cleaning checklist for our living room was completed.

Are you having trouble getting motivated with your fall or spring cleaning?  Consider updating your room with one or two new items to jump-start your cleaning.  Just the small process of updating your family pictures can add a new feeling to a room, and motivate you to start your seasonal cleaning.

Happy decorating!

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