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Ideas for Organizing Ball Caps

Are you looking for ideas for organizing ball caps or hats?  We’ve looked into several ways to keep ball caps organized. Check out these three systems to see which one works best for you.

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Organize Ball Caps with an Over the Door Cap Rack Organizer

Organize Ball Caps Over the Door

This one is simple.  Just open the box and hang the Cap Rack Organizer over a closet door.  This one holds up to 36 hats!

Organize Baseball Hats with Hooks

Ideas for Organizing Ball Caps: Hats on hooks

This Coat and Hat Rack has six hooks, and keeps everything nice and tidy.  It also comes in a black or wood finish. Installation is fairly simple, but you’ll need a few tools like a ruler to measure, and a screwdriver to hang it securely.

Store Ball Caps in Bins

Hats in bin

While spring cleaning, I added this feature to our mudroom.  It’s a simple over-sized bin which sits on top of our ClosetMaid Stackable Shoe Organizer.  This system really works for us.  When we come home, the boys can simply take off their hats, and leave them in the bin.  When we are ready to leave, the hats are right there by the door. We love the deep size of this bin, and it comes in many colors which you can see here: ClosetMaid Bin

Closetmaid Bin

Right now, we have about 8 or 10 hats in the bin, but we could fit many more.  It’s spring, so many of them are baseball caps.  In the fall, I’ll take out the caps with football teams on them.  The baseball themed caps will go in a box stored in the coat closet.  Pretty simple, right?

Happy organizing!

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