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Organize Your Chargers and Cables

Are you tired of digging through cables and cords only to realize you didn’t find the right one?  Look no further.  Check out these ideas for organizing and storing your phone chargers, USB cables, and camera chargers.

Start with a Bin

An inexpensive way to organize your chargers and cables is in a small bin or basket.  A clear plastic bin, the size of a small shoebox, will get the job done and cost about $1.  By placing all of your chargers and cables in one location, they will be easier to find.  You’ll want to place the bin in a central location, preferably where you normally charge your devices.  Consider storing the bin in your office, bedroom or kitchen cabinet.

Upgrade to a Bin with Dividers

If you have a lot of small cords and cables, you may want to consider something with compartments or dividers.   A bin that’s about the size of a shoebox seems to work best for us.  You can make something on your own, or buy one that’s already made.  We found these at Target.

Charger bin

Rubbermaid makes this line of bins called bento, which have flexible dividers.   So if you need one area to be a little larger, you can fold in the dividers.  If you opt to keep the divider out, you will have more compartments, but they will be smaller.

These pre-made storage containers came in a few sizes, so we opted for the small and medium ones.  These cost between $10-20.  They also make larger ones which are a little more expensive.

Charger bin small

They are a little expensive, compared to a small plastic bin.  However, it will keep everything organized, so it will save you the cost of running out to buy a replacement charger for the one you can’t find. 🙂

Once you place your cables in the sections, be sure to label each section.  This will keep everything neat and organized.

Consider a Charging Station

If you have several devices that always need charging, then a charging station might be for you.  Ours came with a power strip so that multiple devices can charge at once.  The power cords are stored in the charging station, so you never have to dig for another cord again.  When you need a charge, simply plug in your device.

Our station was in plain view, so we opted for a nice leather one.  It cost under $50 at the time, but there are certainly less expensive ones available.

Do you still have too many chargers or cables?

If you still have too many chargers or cables, consider storing items together.  For example, we don’t use our camcorder very often.  So the charger is stored in the bag with the camcorder.  We do the same thing for our son’s camera.  When his camera needs charging, the power cord is right there in the bag.

Happy Organizing!

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