Too much mail? Tips for staying on top of your mail

Do you have a system to handle all of the mail that arrives?   Maybe your mail basket is piled up because you just don’t have time to open your mail.  Follow these steps to keep your mail under control.

House Rule: Open your mail every day.

This avoids the need for a mail bin.  Try removing your mail bin for 2 weeks.  It’s amazing how you will handle your mail each day when there isn’t a box or bin to place it into.

Options for Mail: Your mail has arrived for today, now what?

Once your mail arrives, you will do one of two things with each piece:

Option 1: Toss It: Put it in the shredder, trash or recycle bin.

Option 2: File It: If you didn’t toss it, then it needs to be filed in one of these areas:

  • Reading basket – for magazines and literature you need to read
  • File Folder or Bin – for statements and correspondence you need to save and file
  • Store Coupon Folder – for valuable coupons you plan to use
  • Bill Folder or holder (most should be electronic) – for upcoming payments
  • To Do Folder – for anything requiring action (postcard to schedule vet apt, renew driver’s license etc.)
  • Taxes – for any correspondence, receipts or statements for the upcoming tax filing

Sounds pretty simple?  It is.  The key is to have a good system in place, and to handle your mail daily.

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