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Lots of Rain + Heat Wave = Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds

The summer of 2013 will be remembered for a lot of rain, followed by a heat wave.  This was especially true in the northeast.  As a result, it is the perfect breeding ground for weeds.

If you don’t like weeds, now is the time to put down another dose of weed preventative.  Normally, this can be applied every 4 months.  So if you put it down in the spring, you’ll want to follow-up with a second application now.

A Word About Existing Weeds

Check to see if weeds are growing.  You can use a weed killer on the very small weeds.  These will wither away and dry up.

If you have larger weeds, you’ll want to pull them first.  Otherwise, weed preventers, like Preen, will only feed them and make them grow larger.

Tips on Brown Lawn Bags

Did you ever fill a brown lawn bag with yard waste, only to have it fall apart on the day it should go to the dump? If so, you’re not alone.  Here are a few tips to try so that your next yard waste bag stays in tact:

  • Try to fill the bags and then dump them on the same day
  • If you can’t bring them to the dump, try not to leave them out in the rain.  This seems to degrade the bag, leaving it susceptible to breakage.
  • It can be helpful to leave your weeds in a pile in the yard to let them dry out. Place them in a yard waste bag a day or two later.
  • Don’t overfill the bags.  It’s helpful to close the bags so that if they are left out in the rain, the water will stay on the outside of the bag, and not soak the yard waste.

Happy weeding. 🙂

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