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It’s Time to Turn on the Heat

The cold nights will arrive soon, and it’s almost time to turn on the heat.  Before turning on the heat for the season, you’ll want to wipe down your baseboards.  Follow these tips:

Be sure to go through each room, and clean the baseboards.

Wipe down the baseboard to remove any dust.  We use a damp paper towel for this project.  Baby wipes are another option.

You’ll also want to go underneath the heaters to make sure nothing rolled under the baseboard.  If you have hardwood floors, simply use a damp paper towel to clean underneath.  If you have rugs, you’ll want to vacuum.  We’ve found small toys, and even a goldfish cracker stuck under the baseboard.

Lastly, check the middle of each baseboard.  Again, you’re looking for anything that could be stuck.  You can take a vacuum to this area, or just eyeball it.  If you have small children, you won’t want to skip this part.

Happy Cleaning!

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