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Eliminating the Paper Clutter

Do you have too many papers?  Are they piling up on the counter tops or on your desk?  We have a few solutions.  Check out our ideas to get your papers under control.

Identify the Problem

The first step to getting your paperwork under control is to identify the problem.

  • Is the unopened mail piling up?
  • Do you have papers that need to be saved?
  • Can you locate your current bills that are due?
  • Do you have receipts that need to be filed?
  • Do your children bring home a lot of completed school work?

Now that you have identified the problem, let’s work on some solutions.


There are a few things you can do about the mail.  First and foremost, you will need a system.  Check out our article on tips for getting your mail under control:  Click here


It is critical to have a good system in place for your bills.  You’ll want to have a bin or a basket to keep all bills that arrive in the mail.  A file folder will also work.  Just be sure to have something in place so that when a bill arrives, it goes in a specific spot.

Papers to File

Papers that need to be saved can often pile up and cause clutter.  You’ll want to have a filing system in place, so that papers can be put away.  Consider locating this filing area at a desk.  It’s also helpful if the desk is the same one you use when opening the mail.

File Cabinet

For papers you need to save, consider a filing cabinet.  Either a 2-drawer or 4-drawer cabinet should be good for the average homeowner, since there will be some papers that you need to save.  They may include:

  • Federal and state income tax returns
  • Credit card bills
  • Utility bills
  • User Manuals
  • Closing statements from home purchase

These are just a few examples.  It’s helpful if you can go paperless with some of these items.  If not, consider scanning them so that they can be filed on your computer.

Going Paperless

Another way to get your paper bills under control is to go paperless.  We’ve dedicated a special article with simple details on how to go paperless with your bills: Click here

School Work

The volume of paper that children bring home from school can be overwhelming.  You will need a system to handle the paperwork.  We have a bin with folders.  To read about all of the details:  Click here

Once you have a new system in place, try it for a few weeks.  If it’s working, that’s great.  If not, makes some changes to the system so that it works for you.  Happy organizing! 🙂

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