Storage for Small Bathroom

Is your bathroom lacking storage space?  Consider a storage unit with a glass door, to put above the toilet.

Honestly, I would have never purchased this storage unit on my own.  It came with the house we purchased.  Originally I thought I would throw it away.  The thought of storage above the potty just wasn’t my style.

Initially, I kept the storage unit for cleaning items.  However, I didn’t like to look at the cleaning products through the glass.  Since we will keep the unit a little longer, I decided to dress it up a little with some scrapbook paper.  Take a look.

This is what the unit looked like with our cleaning and diaper supplies. It looks messy.

Toilet unit - before

I measured the glass and cut some scrapbook paper to fit.  I chose a tan paper with a little design because it reminded me of sand at the beach.  The blue paper reminds me of the ocean, and ties into the color on the shower curtain.  I cut a third piece with sand dollars and starfish to link the two pieces together.

Bathroom scrapbook paper

A little bit of scotch tape holds the scrapbook paper to the glass.  What do you think about the final product?  Much better than the glass, right?

Bathroom storage -final

Off to the left, I have two Closetmaid bins.  One holds brushes, combs and hair ties.  The other has hair gel and small products that look messy if left out on the shelf.  Now everything is nice and neat.  🙂

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