Pet Sitter’s Checklist

Are you planning to have someone watch your pet?  If so, check out our printable pet sitter’s checklist.  This helpful chart will ensure that your pet sitter knows what to do.  When you get back, you’ll know what has been completed by looking at all of the checkmarks.

Click here to print:  Pet Sitters Checklist

Things to Consider

Although pet sitting may seem basic, some pets have a routine.  On the Pet Sitter’s Checklist, you can customize your list so that your pet sitter follows the same routine.  Be sure to include things like:

  • Feed dog 2 cups of food
  • Give dog one Glycoflex pill
  • Fill water dish
  • Walk dog (or let out in backyard)
  • Give dog cookie
  • Turn lights on/off

There’s a section for AM and PM, so you can write specific instructions for both times of day.

Happy pet sitting!

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