What’s For Dinner Tonight? The Importance of Weekly Meal Planning

Are you tired of hearing the question “What’s For Dinner Tonight?”  Maybe it’s difficult to hear if you don’t have an answer.  By planning out your meals for the week, you will always know what’s for dinner.

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To get started, you’ll need a place to track your meals.  You can write it down on a piece of paper, but it’s much easier to track on a dry erase board.

By tracking your weekly meals on a dry erase board offers, you can:

  • Make changes easily as you plan out the week
  • Swap the planned meal for another night
  • Have a consistent board for family members to view

Here’s an example:

Dry Erase - Weekly Meals

Are you ready to make your own Weekly Meal Plan?  Click on the link below to get yours:

Quartet Weekly Dry Erase Board

Here are a few tips to plan your meals:

  • Start by checking your cabinets and pantry to see what you have on hand.
  • Check your fridge for leftovers to ensure those don’t go to waste.
  • Planning to make a large meal?  Plan to eat the leftovers a day or two later.
  • Track your protein, side dish and vegetable to ensure all the bases are covered,
  • If you’re missing an item, be sure to add it to your grocery list,

Once your Weekly Meal Plan is in place, you should find it very easy to answer the question, “What’s For Dinner Tonight?”