How to Keep Track of School Assignments

The beginning of a new school year is exciting.  It can also get overwhelming when projects and assignments are handed out with various due dates.  If you’re looking for a way to keep school work organized, check out our School Assignments Tracker below.

School Assignments Tracker

How to Use the School Assignments Tracker

Using the School Assignments Tracker is easy:

Column 1 – Date assigned: As each project or assignment is given to you, just jot down the day you received it.

Column 2 – Project Name: Give each project a name so that you can keep track of it.

Column 3 – Due Date: Enter the date that your assignment is due.

Column 4 – Completed:  Once you finish the assignment, just put a checkmark in this column.

Helpful Tips

Consider setting up a folder or binder to hold the details of all assignments and projects.  Keep the School Assignments Tracker in the folder so that everything stays together.

Note: Daily homework can be completed after school.  The School Assignment Tracker works better for those items that have a long-term date.  For example:

  • Create a shadow box by next Friday
  • History paper on an American President due at the end of the month
  • Report about Cheetahs due in two weeks

Parents can use this form, too.  Do you have a child in elementary school?  If so, there can be papers that you need to return to school.  Just use this chart to keep track of when everything is due.  Items may include:

  • Fundraisers
  • Permission slips
  • Book orders

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