How to Display Child’s Art Work

Are you looking for a way to hang up your child’s art work?  Try this easy and inexpensive method, which you can make yourself.

Project Materials

  • Two Hooks (Command hooks are great for this project.)
  • Twine
  • Wooden Clothes Pins

Steps to Follow

Step 1:  Hang two hooks on wall.  Use ruler to measure and confirm they are even.

Step 2:  Cut a piece of twine, slightly longer than the distance between your two hooks.  We designed ours to hold display 5-7 pieces of paper.

Step 3:  Make a small loop on each end of the twine, and tie a double knot.

Step 4:  Hang a loop on each hook.

Now you’re ready to hang up some school work.  Use 1-3 wooden clothes pins for each piece of work.

Good luck! 🙂

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