Bleach: What you need to know about the new concentrated formula

Did you notice that some of the companies that produce bleach have changed the formula?  Look carefully at the labels.  Some of the bottles now indicate that the bleach comes in a “new concentrated formula.”

What does this mean for you?

Read the package instructions carefully.  In most cases, you will need to use less bleach.

Before: In the past, we normally poured 1 cup of bleach into the dispenser of our washing machine.

After: On certain brands, the instructions for the “new concentrated bleach” indicate that we should only use ½ cup of bleach for our normal load.  In addition, it is necessary to mix ½ cup of water with our ½ cup of bleach.

In addition: Be sure to check the label to confirm the purpose.  According to the manufacturer’s label for one type of splashless concentrated bleach, it is “not for sanitation or disinfection.”  The main purpose of that product is to whiten laundry with a fresh scent.  To disinfect, you’ll want to look for regular bleach.

Bleach Splashless

Our thoughts: Mixed Emotions

Good: We are using less bleach for each use, so we don’t need to shop for bleach quite as often.

Bad: It is a hassle to mix water with the bleach.  It’s fine if you have a faucet nearby, but it is definitely an inconvenience for those who do not have a faucet close to the laundry room.  Again, this varies by brand.  Not all brands suggest adding water.

Just be sure to read the label to see which bleach you are purchasing.  You’ll also want to read the instructions carefully prior to doing a load of laundry.

Happy Cleaning. 🙂