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Get ready for the beach with a new beach bag

Make sure you’re ready for the beach with a stylish beach bag.  Here are a few to consider:

Practical Beach Bag

Need something practical?  This one is plastic, and has outside pockets:

Lime Green Beach Tote

 Click here for more details: Lime Green Beach Tote

Straw Beach Bag

I found these at my local Old Navy store.  They are colorful straw bags, that will fit your beach supplies.

Old Navy Straw Beach Bags


Vera Bradley Beach Tote

Looking for something a little more expensive?  Check out the new bags from Vera Bradley:

Vera Bradley Seashore Tote

Vera Bradley Seashore Tote - anchor

Click here for more details: Vera Bradley

Make sure you’re ready for the beach.  Before you go, be sure to print our beach checklist.  You can find it in the following article:

Going to the Beach? Print our Beach Checklist First

I’m ready to go to the beach.  How about you? 🙂


Eight Ways to Make Memorial Day More Meaningful

For most Americans, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer.  Many of us will enjoy this three-day weekend by going to the beach or hosting a barbecue.  Are you interested in the meaning of Memorial Day, or learning how to make the day a little more meaningful?  Then read on.

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is an American holiday to remember those servicemen and women who died while serving our country.  It is held on the last Monday in May. (Note: This is different than Veteran’s Day, in which we celebrate the service of all U.S. Veterans, both living and deceased.) Many cities and towns have Memorial Day parades or ceremonies.

How to Add Meaning to Memorial Day

  1. Volunteer at your local cemetery to help put flags at the gravestones of veterans.
  2. Hang up an American flag at your front door.  Add smaller American flags to your flower boxes and planters to show your spirit.
  3. Attend a Memorial Day Ceremony.
  4. Place flower pots at the gravestones of family members who have passed away.
  5. Attend your local town parade.  Show your support by clapping when the veterans walk by.
  6. Research your family history.  Military and pension records are on-line at the following sites:


Family Search

National Archives

 7.  Locate the grave of an ancestor who was a veteran:

U.S. Department of Verteran Affairs

 8.  Host a traditional cookout with family and friends.

For more information on planning your Memorial Day Cookout, be sure to read the following article on our website:

Planning Your Memorial Day Cookout

Best wishes to all of our readers a happy and safe three-day weekend. 🙂