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Household Checklist for April

There’s plenty to do around the house in April.  Check out our printable Household Checklist for April.  We’ve also included checklists, printables and detailed information for the projects you need to tackle this month.  So let’s get started.

Household Items to Handle in April

Spring is here, and there are things to do both inside and outside of your home.

  • Schedule days and times to complete Spring cleaning (Use Separate Spring Cleaning Checklists)
  • Drop off donations from Spring Cleaning (clothes, toys, kitchen items)
  • Decorate house for Spring
  • Take out patio furniture
  • Take out garden hoses; turn outside water on
  • Bring out grilling supplies: firewood, utensils etc.
  • Inspect and repair window screens
  • Drain pool cover (if excess water from winter)
Do-It-Yourself or Schedule
  • Step 1 Fertilizer for Lawn
  • Spring clean-up for yard (pick up branches, thatch, rake, first mow)
  • File Federal and State Income Taxes
  • Shopping: Spring sporting goods (little league)
  • Shopping: Spring and summer clothes for family
Meal Planning
  • Host or attend Easter / Passover / holiday gathering
  • Plan Mother’s Day
  • Plan birthday parties in May

Details on April Projects

Here are some specific details on our April projects.  Just click on the link below to read more.


Daffodils outside

Spring Cleaning Checklists


How to drain water from a pool cover

Tips on How to Drain Water from a Pool Cover

Leaf RakeHow to Remove Leaves from Pool Cover

Helicopters from Silver Maple

Silver Maple Trees: It’s a Love-Hate Relationship


It’s Time to Put Down Your Step 1 Fertilizer


Don’t like weeds? Act now to prevent weeds from growing

Orange Pansies in Black Container

Can pansies survive snow? What you need to know


Tax Folders

When to file your taxes

Donation Tracker - Cash and Checks

How to Keep Track of Your Charitable Contributions

printable Little League Shopping Checklist

Printable Little League Shopping Checklist

Shopping Checklist for Summer Clothes

Shopping Checklist for Summer Clothes

Meals and Event Planning:

Hosting Easter - printable checklistsHosting Easter? A Menu Planner, Cooking Timeline and Checklist You Can’t Miss

Birthday Party Checklist

Seven Steps to Planning a Birthday Party

Time Management:

Weekday schedule in half hour increments

Tool Box: Time Management Schedule

Printable Household Checklist for April

Household Checklist for April

Just click on the link below for a printable copy of our Household Checklist for April:

Household Checklist for April

By scheduling time to handle these items in April, you’ll be sure to keep everything running smoothly in your household.

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