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Editable Grocery List by Department: Make grocery shopping more efficient

Do you wish you had more time? Running A Household is here to help with our Editable Grocery List by Department.

Most grocery lists are a simple running list.  When you run out of an item, you add it to your list.  It looks something like this:

  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Ice cream
  • Apples
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lettuce

Editable Grocery List by Department

So what is an Editable Grocery List by Department?  It is a grocery shopping list organized by the sections in the grocery store.  By grouping your items together by the aisle or department it makes grocery shopping more efficient.  Here’s a sample of our Grocery List by Department:

Editable Grocery List by Department

The list is an editable PDF which lets you type in your grocery items.  It can be used on your computer, tablet or cell phone.  Just open the file and add items as you need them.  Then open the document at the grocery store and add check marks as you pick up the items.

The light blue text areas can be edited:

Editable Grocery List by Department

What makes our grocery shopping list different?

The Editable Grocery Shopping List by Department from Running A Household is:

  1. Electronic: The list comes as a PDF file.  You can use it on your computer, tablet or cell phone.
  2. Editable: Most lists are printable.  Ours is also editable/fillable. That means you can type your text right on the list.
  3. Multi-Use: This PDF can be used over and over.  Just update it each week when you shop.  Going to more than one store?  Make copies of the list and use one for each store.
  4. Ink-friendly: We use fewer graphics so that if you decide to print a blank copy to hang on your fridge, or print a completed list before your shop, you will not use as much ink as a list with photographs or graphic designs.
  5. Large print: The font is easier to read, especially on your cell phone.
  6. Complete with 15 Departments and more than 80 lines for grocery items.
  7. Designed with Editable Departments: Don’t have Pets?  Just rename it to another department.  Yes, even the department names can be changed!

Editable Grocery List for Large Family

New! We’ve developed an Editable Grocery List for a Large Family.  It includes all of the same features: editable lines and departments, printable, large-print font and almost 200 lines for groceries.  So you will have plenty of room to list all of the items you need to buy.

Why do you need an Editable Grocery List by Department?

It will help you track items you need to buy, and organize them by location.  You can breeze through the aisles and save time in the grocery store.

Just have a few items to buy?  Use the shorter list.  Have a large grocery shopping run to do?  Use the grocery list for large families.  We’ll also include a video on How to use EDITABLE checklists and forms on your cell phone.

Seems easy, right?  Give it a try. 

How to get the Editable Grocery List by Department

Click here to visit our shop!

Happy shopping!

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