Setting Up a Pantry

Part of running a household involves budgeting and grocery shopping.  In order to save money on food, it can be helpful to buy food ahead of time, when it is on sale, and store it in a pantry.  So if you don’t already have one, consider setting up a pantry.

As a teenager, I swore I would never have a pantry.  My mom always had one, and I thought it was ridiculous.  If we ran out of something, she would ask me to run downstairs to the basement to get a replacement.  Well, mom knows best.  At least there was a replacement in the house.  And that replacement was purchased on sale.  By shopping ahead of time, you can buy things on sale, and keep them in stock.

The first step in establishing a pantry is to determine a location.  Some options include:

– A dedicated cabinet in your kitchen

– A few shelves in a closet close to the kitchen

– An area in the basement

My pantry is in the basement.  We have a finished laundry room, and my pantry started with two cabinets on the wall.  I added a large plastic shelving unit in the laundry room closet.  At last count, my pantry items take up 4 plastic shelves.

So, your assignment: Determine a pantry location, and start shopping for sales items.  It’s all part of running a household. 🙂