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Shopping Checklist for Summer Clothes

Do you need to buy new summer clothes for your kids?  Or maybe it’s time to update your own wardrobe.  Use our handy Shopping Checklist for Summer Clothes to keep track of the items you need to purchase.

Tips to Follow Before Shopping for Summer Clothes

If you’re shopping for children, it’s important to know your child’s height and weight before your start shopping.  This will help you determine the size of clothing to purchase.

Next, take inventory.  Do any clothes fit from last year?  This will save you money, and prevent over-purchasing.

Printable Shopping Checklist

Now you’re ready to use our Shopping Checklist for Summer Clothes.  Click on the link below for a printable checklist:

Shopping Checklist for Summer Clothes

Determine how many of each item you need.  As you shop, just check off the items purchased.  There are also a few blank spaces to list any special items.

Happy Shopping!

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