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Pool Cleaning Checklist - Running a Household

Pool Cleaning Checklist

Need a checklist to track your pool maintenance?  Look no further.  We have a printable worksheet for you.  Just click and print the link below:

Pool Cleaning Checklist

How to Use the Pool Cleaning Checklist

Once you complete a task, just enter the date in the column.  This way you know exactly when you completed the task last.  The checklist is separated by months, so you can easily track your pool maintenance.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Here are some items you’ll want to take care of on a regular basis:


Change DE or Sand


  • Algaecide
  • Chlorine
  • Clarifier

Shock your pool with a higher dose of chlorine

Do you have trouble keeping your pool clean?  Try these tips:

  • Check your chlorine and Ph levels daily; add chemicals as needed.
  • Chlorinate daily with tabs, or fill your automatic chlorinator on a weekly basis.
  • Add algaecide every week.  Or, add a bottle of three-month bottle of algaecide at the beginning of the season.
  • Get into the habit of vacuuming your pool on a weekly basis.
  • After it rains, drain your pool back to its normal level, add chlorine (or shock) and algaecide.
  • Run your pool filter 8 hours each day.  Consider having an electrician install a timer so that your filter turns on and off automatically.
  • Try to pick the same day every week to maintain your pool.  For example: Every Wednesday vacuum your pool, brush walls and floor, fill your automatic chlorinator, and add algaecide.

Now you can enjoy your clean pool.  Happy swimming!

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