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Hats and scarves in bin

Simple ways to organize winter hats and mittens

Are you looking for an easy way to store your hats and mittens?  Check out these two simple and practical ideas.


We had an extra nightstand that wasn’t being used.  It was a really nice piece, so we put it in our entryway.


Now the two deep drawers hold hats, mittens and gloves for our family.  The system is very simple.  The top drawer is for the kids.  When they come home, it’s easy for them to open the drawer and toss in their mittens and hats.

Hats in dresser

It’s easy on the way out of the house too.  Since the nightstand is right by the door, there’s no need to run back into the house for a pair of gloves.

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Another simple way to store your winter gloves and hats is in a large cube.  Just add a bin or two on top of a shoe organizer, and you have created a lot of storage space to hold all if your winter gear.

Bin for hats and gloves

Again, keep the cube close to the door and the coat closet to improve efficiency.  This system works well because everything can be tossed into the cube, and it’s easy to find.

These cubes are pretty deep, but you can always add an extra cube for more storage.  If there are several people in your family, consider having one storage cube per person.  Check out the bins here:

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