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printable garden shopping checklist

Garden Shopping Checklist: Track your seed and plant purchases

Are you ready to shop for your garden plants?  We’ve created a printable shopping checklist to help you keep track of what you need to buy.

Using the Garden Shopping Checklist

printable vegetable and flower shopping checklist

  1. Print a copy of the checklist.  We’ve included a link at the end.
  2. Highlight the boxes to indicate what you need to buy.


If you need to buy seeds for beans and carrots, take a highlighter, and color in the beans and carrots boxes in the column labeled Seeds.

If you need to buy tomato and pepper plants, highlight those two boxes in the column called Plants.

3.  Put a checkmark in the box when you’ve purchased the item.

We’ve listed the most popular vegetables, flowers and herbs on the checklist.  However, if there’s something else you need to buy, just add in under the additional items column.

purple phlox
Purple phlox

Sample Vegetable and Flower Garden Shopping Checklist

flower and vegetable seed and plant checklist

Here’s a sample checklist to show you our garden plans:

Garden Shopping Checklist – Seeds and Plants SAMPLE

Printable Vegetable and Flower Garden Shopping Checklist

Just click the link below to print your copy of the checklist.

Garden Shopping Checklist – Seeds and Plants

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Did you find this Garden Shopping Checklist helpful?  If so, please share it with others. 

Happy Gardening! 🙂