Charts to Track Your Bills

Keeping the bills organized and paid on-time is an important function of running a household.  Below is a quarterly chart to track your monthly bills.

 List of Monthly Bills

Part 1: Make a list of all of your monthly bills in order by the day of the month that they are due.

For Example:

3          Electric

5          Cable

10        Mortgage

14        Credit Card

20       Cell Phone

Once you know the dollar amount for a particular month, enter it in the chart.  After you pay the bill, put a checkmark in the paid column.

Part 2: Use the List of Quarterly and Annual Bills to track all of your quarterly and annual payments.

List of Quarterly and Annual Bills

For Example:

February 28, 2013   Annual Water Bill

March 31, 2013         1st Quarter Real Estate Tax

April 30, 2013           Annual Inspection Sticker on Car

May 31, 2013             Annual Homeowners Insurance

June 15, 2013            Pool Opening Company

June 30, 2013           2nd Quarter Real Estate Tax

July 1                          Annual Trash Fee

September 30           3rd Quarter Real Estate Tax

October 31                 Pool Closing Company

December 31             4th Quarter Real Estate Tax

Be sure to enter the quarterly and annual bills on your List of Monthly Bills.  These items can be placed at the end of the list.

It may also be helpful to print an annual calendar to keep with these charts as well as a list of pay dates. 

Happy Planning!