Don’t gyp the kids: How to give out Halloween candy when you’re not home

Are you going out with your own children to trick-or-treat on Halloween night? Do you wish someone could be home to give out candy? Consider setting up a bucket with self-serve treats.

Here’s what you’ll need to set up your Halloween bucket of treats:

1. Large bucket to hold bags of candy

We opted for an orange bucket from Target. It was the perfect size and orange was the perfect color for Halloween.

Halloween bucket of candy treats

2. Halloween-themed treat bags

Again, ours came from Target. They usually come in packages of 15-20, so be sure to estimate how many you will need.  We prefer the plastic ones, just in case it rains.

Halloween treat bag

3. Halloween candy, snacks and treats

We like to put in 4-5 pieces of candy, depending on the size and type.   It can include items like small candy bars, a bag of pretzels, washable tattoos, stickers, pencils or popcorn balls.

You’ll also want to be mindful of those children with restrictions including: peanut allergies, dairy allergies, or braces or teeth spacers (nothing sticky for these kiddos).

4. “Sorry We Missed You” Sign for your treat bin

Since your bin will be self-serve, you’ll want to leave specific instructions for your visitors. Here’s a free printable Halloween sign you can attach to your bucket.  Just click on the link below to print:

Halloween Sign - Sorry we missed you

Halloween Sign – Sorry we missed you

Schedule a date to make your treat bags

Once you have purchased all of you items, schedule a date to make your treat bags.  We prefer to do ours 3-4 days ahead of Halloween, once we have a general idea of the weather conditions. If it’s cold or raining, we make fewer bags.

Setting Up on Halloween

While it’s still light out, you’ll want to put out your Halloween bucket of treats and Halloween sign.  Be sure to turn one outdoor light on, so children can find your Halloween bucket.  Also consider putting out a few Halloween decorations and playing some Halloween music, to make the night fun for the kids. 🙂

Happy Halloween!