Can you name all of the medicine you take?

Do you have a health condition?  Does someone in your family take medication on a regular basis?  If so, you may want to carry a medication card in your wallet.

It’s important to know the names and dosage amounts of all medication.  This means prescriptions and over the counter medications.  In a medical emergency, the doctors will need to know this information.

Below you will find a blank Medication Wallet Card.  This card was designed to fit in your wallet, and is the size of a credit card.

Step 1: Print the free printable Medication Wallet Card below.

Medication Wallet Card

Step 2: Enter your information.

Include the full name of the medicine as well as the dosage amount.  It may also be helpful to write down the time you normally take this medicine.

Next, fill out your Emergency Contact Information.

Step 3: Cut to size.  When finished, it should be the size of a credit card.

Step 4: For more stability, glue the two pieces onto heavier paper and keep in your wallet.

Additional tips

  • You may also want to make an extra Medical Wallet Card to give to your spouse, relative or close friend, so that there is more than one copy.
  • Check the information frequently, and update with any changes.

Not sure what to do with your empty pill bottles?  Consider saving one of each.  Place them all in a zip-loc bag.  In case of an emergency at home, you or a relative can take out the bag and give it to the emergency professionals.   They can read each bottle, and get the information they need.

Stay well. 🙂