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It’s Last Day of the Month: Wrap It Up

Yikes! Did you ever look at your To-Do List and realize some things aren’t completed yet?  Have ever said to yourself, “I can’t believe that isn’t done yet?”  If so, we have a tip for you.

At Running a Household, we designate the last day of the month as our “Wrap it Up Day.”  Maybe you forgot to pay a bill, or maybe it’s just a task that you’ve dreaded doing.  Regardless of the reason, consider making the last day of each month as your “Wrap it Up Day.”

Set aside some time to complete anything that fell through the cracks this month.  It’s one last chance to finish things up.  You’ll be glad you did.

We’re including a To-Do List for you to print, just in case you have multiple items to resolve.  Just click on the link below to print:

Things To Do

Things to Do List

Good luck wrapping everything up! 🙂


Are you ready for the cold virus season?

Cold viruses are more common in the fall and winter seasons, when people tend to congregate indoors.  Are you ready?  Here are some helpful tips on getting your household prepared.

Preparing for the cold virus

When a cold strikes someone in your household, you won’t want to run out to the store.  Preparing ahead of time can save you a trip to the store, when you’re not feeling well.  Consider setting up a bin or a shelf in your pantry with your cold supplies.  Here are some general supplies you may want to keep on hand:

  • Tissues
  • Cough medicine
  • Cough drops or hard candy
  • Fever reducer (ibuprofen or Acetaminophen)
  • Humidifier
  • Hand sanitizer (to prevent spreading to other household members)
  • Disinfecting wipes (to clean door handles, counters, and surfaces)

Things to drink (plenty of fluids)

  • Popsicles
  • Juices, water, Gatorade
  • Pedialyte drink and pedialyte popsicles
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Herbal tea
  • Vitamin C

We’ve included a printable checklist for you to track your cold virus supplies.  Just click on the link below to print:

Cold Virus Supplies Checklist

Cold Virus Supplies Checklist

Once you have all of your cold virus supplies, plan to keep them together in your pantry or supply closet.  We’ve included a special sign you can print to label your supplies.  If your supplies are clearly labeled, you’ll find it easier not to dip into them for everyday use.  They will be labeled clearly and will be available when you need them.

Cold Virus Supplies - Sign

Cold Virus Supplies – Sign

Stay well. 🙂

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Can you name all of the medicine you take?


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Suffering from Vacation Blues? Tips for Returning from Vacation

Did you just return from a vacation or long weekend, only to feel like you need another one?  You’re not alone.

Vacations are terrific. It’s a time to take a break from everyday life to do something different. Some people opt to rest and relax, while others travel and do plenty of family activities. Regardless of how you spend your vacation, coming home can leave you feeling exhausted. Here are some tips to make your return a little more pleasant.

Tip #1: Plan ahead

Know when you will return, and plan accordingly.  Look at your schedule for the first few days after vacation, and prepare items in advance.  For example, if you are returning home the night before school, have your children’s outfits and backpacks arranged ahead of time.  Also look at sporting events.  If your child will have a baseball or football game to play, have their uniforms and equipment bag organized and ready to go.

Consider planning your meals for your first full day back.  Knowing that you have simple breakfast and lunch items on-hand will make things much easier.  Also decide what you will have for dinner.  It’s much easier to know that you plan to reheat frozen lasagna or pick up a pizza, instead of trying to make this decision when you return.

Tip #2: Leave enough time to return home and settle in

You’ll want to have time to unpack, do laundry, and pick up a few items at the grocery store.  By unpacking when you get home, you’ll prevent stress in the morning.  Would you rather unpack your medicine, make-up and essentials when you get home, or would you prefer to scurry around in the morning wondering which suitcase contains your medicine?

If you opt to enjoy every last-minute of your vacation, and return late at night, consider taking the next day off from work.  Otherwise, you may feel tired and overwhelmed, and find yourself rushing around in the morning.

Tip #3: Enlist help

Each family member should be responsible for his or her belongings.  Unless your child is under the age of 5, everyone can help pack and unpack for vacation.  Teaching children this skill now builds skills for life.

Tip #4: Keep Your Schedule Clear for the First Week Back

Vacations are meant to relieve stress.  Try to avoid over-scheduling events and activities for your first week back.  Enjoy your free time.  There’s plenty of time to have your hair cut, or have maintenance done on a home appliance.  Keep your first week back simple and clear with the exception of necessary things like work and school and pre-scheduled sports.

Are you still suffering from vacation blues?

If you still wish you were on vacation, spend some time uploading your vacation pictures to your computer.  Consider making an album to share with friends and family.  Or better yet, have a few prints made to put on your desk or wall to remind you of your fantastic vacation.

Of course, it’s never too soon to start planning your next vacation. 🙂

Share your tips

Do you have a vacation tip to share with us?  Feel free to leave a reply and tell us what you did to make your return from vacation easier.

Happy vacationing!