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Three Simple Ways to Clean a Lamp Shade

Lamp shades can be tricky to clean.  So whether it’s part of your spring or fall cleaning, or you are just tidying up, here are three ways you can easily clean a lamp shade.

Vacuum Attachment

If you have a pleated lamp shade, the dust can be difficult to remove.  As long as your vacuum isn’t too powerful, consider using an attachment from your vacuum cleaner.

Dust Buster

Sometimes, a smaller but powerful tool is needed.  Dust busters are great because they are cordless and easy to carry.  In addition, they may not be quite as powerful as your regular vacuum attachment, which is better for delicate shades.

Lint Roller

For smooth lamp shades, consider a lint roller.  These are rolls of tape designed to remove lint from clothing.  They are very easy to use.   You may need more than one piece of tape, but the dust from a lamp shade will stick to it.

Happy Cleaning! 🙂

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