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Things to plant this fall

Fall is a great time for planting, especially here in Zone 5.  If you would like to have some cut flowers for vases next spring, check out our list of things to plant this fall:

Forsythia: These yellow flowers are one of the first to bloom in the spring.  Plant one bush for cutting, or plant several in a row to form a nice hedge.

Forcythia - small

Iris: These are long-stemmed flowers.  The bearded iris is a large, puffy flower and comes in many colors.  The light purple is stunning.

Bearded Iris

There is also a Japanese Iris, which comes in a deep purple.  Although the flower is smaller than the bearded Iris, it has a high impact in landscaping beds.

Lilacs: This flowering bush comes in white, light purple and dark purple.  If the scent is too strong for your home, consider planting unscented lilacs.

Dark Purple Lilacs

Roses: Fall is a great time to plant roses.  One of our favorite roses is the Gingersnap Rose.  The coral color makes it stand out in the summer, and it’s a great color in early fall.

Tulips: These bulbs come in many colors and sizes.  Some also bloom in early spring, and others later in spring, so check the package.

Salmon Tulips

Daffodils: These flowers are also bulbs.  Bright yellow is the most common color for daffodils.  You can also find multi-colors, including yellow with orange, and yellow with white.

Daffodils - while and orange

Bulb planting tips

Consider adding a scoop of bulb booster (bone meal) when planting your tulips and daffodils.  It is a special food for the bulbs.

If you have a lot of tulips and daffodils to plant, consider purchasing a bulb digger.  It is a special type of garden tool that allows you to dig up the dirt quickly and at the right depth.  Once you dig the hole:

  • add a scoop of the bone meal
  • mix it into the dirt, and
  • drop in your bulb, and cover with dirt.  It’s that easy.

Happy planting!