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Time Saving Tip: Shop Local

Could you use some extra time?  Let’s take a look some examples of running errands and cutting our travel time.  Shopping local can save you a lot of time.

Hair Cuts

I love my hairdresser.  I liked her so much that I brought everyone in my family to her.

Pros: She gives a great haircut, and is easy to talk with.

Cons: Her salon is 20 minutes away, and she only works a two nights and Saturday

It was difficult to get an appointment once, so I decided to try someone local.  It worked out well, and it made me realize how much time I was saving.  Since the new salon is right down the street, my commute time is 5 minutes.  That’s a 30 minute time saver for me.  (Originally, it was a 20 minute commute there, and 20 minutes to get back.  Now it’s only 10 minute round trip.)

I miss my old hairdresser, and still pop in around the holidays for a cut.  But the time I save is worth it, not to mention I can accomplish this during the week instead of on Saturday.

Grocery Shopping

I’m a loyal customer.  Once I find a place I like, I keep returning.  My grocery store of choice is 15 minutes away.  My husband likes the grocery store down the street, which is only 5 minutes away, so I gave it a try.  It was just as good, and saved me 20 minutes per trip.  Sometimes, I go grocery shopping twice a week, so that’s 40 minutes saved.  Not to mention, it’s so close that my ice cream doesn’t need to be transferred to a cooler for traveling home in the summer.

Combining Errands

There are some stores that I do need to go to, and there aren’t any substitutes.  For those trips, I try  to pick a day when I can combine my errands and go to a few stores in the area at the same time.  It saves me a lot of extra trips, and everything gets done at the same time.


Direct deposit and paying your bills on-line can save you a lot of time.  However, there are times when you will need to go to the bank, or an ATM machine.  Consider having an account at the bank closest to your home.  So if you need to deposit some money or take a withdrawal, you can get there in a matter of minutes.


Take a look at your typical week.  Are there any changes you can make to save some time?

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 Try shopping local to save time each day.  Every little bit helps. 🙂