Fiesta dishes

Spring Cleaning: Replace Your Dishes

Are your dishes worn out?  Maybe it’s time to replace them.  My original dishes were the “hopscotch” pattern by Pfaltzgraff.  I loved these dishes.  Over the years, we broke a few of the bowls and lunch plates.  Six out of eight dinner plates survived, but have some minor scratches from all of the cutting.

After looking at many patterns I settled on the colorful dishes by Fiesta.  Instead of buying all of the same color, I opted for one of each color.  These dishes just make me happy.

Part of the reason I waited, was because of the price.  Replacing your dishes isn’t a cheap task.  I had my eye on the Fiesta ones for some time.  I’m not sure what makes me happier: the new dishes or the great deal.

My Deal

Kohl’s sells the 5-piece Fiesta dishes for $51.  A set of 8 would cost $408.

At a recent sale, the 5 piece place setting was $29.99.  I added my 30 percent off coupon bringing it down to $21 per setting.  But wait, there’s more.  I bought the dishes in the store.  They were running a special promotion: receive a free fruit dish with each place setting.  The fruit dish sells for $8.50.  So that’s another $68 in free dishes.  Lastly, I received $30 in Kohls cash to spend on my next trip.  I just couldn’t refuse this great deal.

Summary of Cost

  • Full price of all dishes (5 piece setting and fruit dishes): $476
  • Paid: $167.92

That’s 65% off of the original price.  Plus I earned $30 in Kohl’s cash to spend in the near future.

What’s included in a 5-piece place setting?

  • Dinner plate
  • Lunch plate
  • Cereal bowl
  • Cup
  • Saucer
  • Bonus Fruit Dish with my purchase

So if you’re dishes don’t make you smile, maybe it’s time to consider replacing them.  Just
try to get a good deal. 🙂

P.S.  Wondering what I did with my old dishes?  I used the Fiesta boxes to wrap them up.  Then I called to have my local charity pick up the donation.  Check out our article on how to track your donations of clothing and personal items.  There’s a helpful chart to make is easy for you. Click here to read more.