Sprucing Up Your Home with Houseplants

Does your home need a little makeover?  If so, consider adding a few houseplants to freshen up a room.  Let’s take a look.

Decorating with Houseplants

Decorating your home can be easy when there is a big holiday like Christmas or Easter.  We have so many decorations, that it’s easy to fill the mantle.  But how does your family room look off-season?  If it’s feeling a little bare, consider adding a houseplant or two.

Spider Plants

In the picture below, we added a spider plant to our mantle.  It’s on the larger side, and anchors the left-side of our mantle.  We opted for a spider plant with solid green leaves.  There are also spider plants with green and white leaves.

Spider Plant

We chose this spider plant in particular because it has the potential to harvest more spider plants.  To do this, we will cut off the little spider plants and put them in water.  It will form roots, and we can transplant it into a pot with dirt to create another houseplant.  The process is very easy.

Selecting Houseplants

When selecting houseplants, take into consideration the light in your room.  Some plants require more light than others.  You’ll also want to think about maintenance.  The plants we selected are relatively easy to maintain.  Other houseplants may require more work.

Here is another example of a houseplant.  We chose one with large leaves.  This one is two-toned, with a little bit of height.  It serves as the anchor for the right side of our mantel.


Adding houseplants are a simple way to spruce up your room.  Plants can soften a room, and give it a comfortable feeling.

Happy gardening! 🙂