How to organize matchbox cars

Have you ever seen a perfectly organized toy room?  They are so nice to look at.  There’s a place for everything.  Check out these ideas for storing matchbox cars, track and loops.  You’ll be one step closer to having that organized playroom.

Car Cases

The first step is to have car cases.  Chances are you’ll need more than one.  The typical case holds about 48 cars.

Matchbox cars in case 2

Car cases are great because your child can easily transport them.


We’ve found the easiest way to store the orange track is in a drawer.  The pieces lay flat, and are easy to put away.  We opted for a Sterilite cart with drawers.  The wheels are optional, and we chose not to attach them to our unit.

Sterilite 3 Drawer Cart

For now, one drawer has all of the matchbox track, but there’s room to expand if necessary.

Matchbox orange track

Large drawer or toy box

Some of the larger loops are played with more often if you keep them assembled.  For our large two loop race track, we chose to store it in a deep drawer of our train table.  We have the train table pictured below.

Train Table - Kidcraft Metropolis

This train table is made by Kidcraft, and it’s called Metropolis.  We have owned ours for several years, and it was money well spent.  We especially enjoy the huge storage below.  It also converts into a coffee table, so it’s a versatile piece of furniture.

Happy organizing!

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