Consider Portable Air Conditioner for Small Spaces

Are you having trouble staying cool this summer?  If you have a challenging area to keep cool, consider a portable air conditioner.

What is a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is a small unit that looks like a little robot.  It is a little larger than the average dehumidifier.


  • fits in almost any space because it is small
  • requires venting through outside window, but this is temporary. When you are finished using the unit, simply take out the vent and close the window. This is a great safety feature, since you can close and lock your window.


  • can be heavy to carry upstairs; easier to carry when it’s in the box
  • requires venting through window
  • requires a drip pan. The pan must be emptied once a day on average.  Plan to empty it more often on extremely hot and humid days.  The process is very easy.

Steps to empty portable air conditioner

  1. Take off cap.  Below is a picture of the cap.

Portable AC Cap


2. Put drip pan under the unit.  We found an “Easy Foil” pan that fit perfectly.

Portable AC Drip Pan

3.  Pull plug and drain water.  It’s that easy.

Portable air conditioning is one way to keep your space cool, without spending thousands on central air, or tying up your window for the summer.  We love our unit, and don’t know what we would do without it.

Stay cool. 🙂