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Gift and Thank You Note Tracker

You’re engaged! What’s next?

Did you just get engaged?  If so, congratulations are in order!  Once the initial excitement settles down, there are a few things you’ll want to do.

Share the News with Family and Friends

At first you’ll want to share this news with your friends and family.  Some may simply offer their congratulations, while others may give you a small gift.

Engagement Gift Ideas

Some of your close friends and family may want to give you a small gift.  If they ask what you need, here are a few ideas:

  • Wedding planner / binder with checklists
  • Subscription to a bridal magazine
  • Small memento (precious moments, paperweight)
  • Gift card to a restaurant (to celebrate the engagement or for those busy days planning the wedding)

Send Thank You Notes for Gifts

Be sure to send a prompt thank you note to each person.  To track your engagement gifts, we’ve provided Gift and Thank You Note Trackers.

Gift and Thank You Note Tracker

There are two options, and both offer a way to track the name, gift, and thank you card.  Just click on the link and print.

Option 1: Gift and Thank You Note Tracker

Gift and Thank You Note Tracker

Gift and Thank You Note Tracker

Option 2: Gift and Thank You Note Tracker with Address:

Gift and Thank You Note Tracker with Address

 Gift and Thank You Note Tracker with Address

Introduce the families

If your families haven’t met, you’ll want to schedule a lunch or dinner.  This is a great opportunity for the parents of the future bride and groom to meet.

Start Planning Your Wedding

Whether it’s looking through bridal magazines, looking a wedding websites or getting ideas on Pinterest, you’ll want to start getting things in order.  Think about:

  • setting a date
  • locating a reception hall
  • selecting your dress and
  • choosing your wedding party.

Next Steps

Be sure to print our simple wedding checklist, found in the following article:

There’s a wedding coming up!

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Wedding Checklist

There’s a wedding coming up!

We are thrilled to announce that there’s a wedding coming up in our family.  As a result, we are expanding to include weddings as one of our featured topics.  We will post checklists, pictures, ideas, and suggestions.

We will start off by offering a general Wedding Checklist.  Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor, or mother of the bride, use this checklist to keep a running log of all the things you need to do.

Printable Blank Wedding Checklist

The checklist is simple to use.  First, jot down the date, and the task that needs to be done.  Once it is finished, put a checkmark in the box.  Simple, right?  Click on the link below to print your copy:

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist


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