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What’s Blooming Now

As a gardener and a person who takes care of the yard, I’ve always been aware of when certain flowers and shrubs bloomed.  For example, forsythias typically bloom in New England in April.  A general rule of thumb in our planting zone has been to put down our “Step 1 fertilizer” before the yellow flowers fall to the ground.  This usually happens by April 15th, or the day our taxes are due.  Next in line are the magnolia cherry trees.  I also know that lilacs bloom in May, and butterfly bushes in July or August.  As I look around our yard, I know that we selected particular plantings to ensure something would always be blooming.  Beyond the blossoms in April and May, and the raspberries being ready around July 1st, I’ve often meant to document when things bloom.

This is a new section of RunningAHousehold.com where we will document our sightings and post them in a calendar.  Enjoy!  This is the fun part of running a household. 🙂

March 2013