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Setting Goals You Can Easily Accomplish

Are there a few things you would like to accomplish?  Consider setting some specific goals to ensure your success.  We even have a printable Goals Chart for you to use.


Start by jotting down a few ideas.  Maybe you’d like to lose weight.  Perhaps you need to clean out your cellar or garage.  Or maybe you would like to get your paper clutter under control.  Regardless of the project, there are always things to do.  Start with the items that will have the biggest impact to your life.

Setting Goals

This part is simple, yet often overlooked.   You will need to take one of your ideas, and write it down as a goal.  Your goal should be specific and measurable, and contain a date.  Ask yourself questions like “What do I want to accomplish?” and “When would I like to complete this project?” Here are a few examples:

  • Idea: Lose weight
  • Goal: Lose 20 pounds by June 30
  • Idea: Clean out basement (or garage)
  • Goal: Organize storage room in basement by May 31

Setting Objectives

This is the road map which will define how to meet your goals.  This part is easy.  Just think about all of the pieces that need to be completed.  Let’s continue with our examples from above:

  • Idea: Lose weight
  • Goal: Lose 20 pounds by June 30
  • Objective 1: Follow a healthy eating plan each day
  • Objective 2: Track food daily
  • Objective 3: Walk 6-7 times per week for 30-45 minutes


  • Idea: Clean out basement
  • Goal: Organize storage room in basement by May 31
  • Objective 1: Sort and toss boxes of paper by January 31
  • Objective 2: Donate or sell baby toys by February 28
  • Objective 3: Move books upstairs; donate remainder by March 31
  • Objective 4: Toss old paint according to town rules; keep some for touch ups by April 30
  • Objective 5: Buy shelves to store toys by May 31
  • Objective 6: Select and move toys from upstairs to basement by May 31

As you can see, by setting specific goals you can hone in on what you want to accomplish.  By adding a few objectives with deadlines, you can break each goal down and work on it in pieces.  This will make you more successful in accomplishing what you set out to do.

Printable Chart

It is important to set goals and objectives, but it’s even more important to write them down.  Below you will find our printable Goals Chart which you can use to document your goals and objectives.



Once your objectives are written down, be sure to include them in your monthly household checklists.

Happy planning. 🙂

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